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Dear Customer

SONG BANG PLASTIC would like to send greetings to customers

Song Bang Trading and Production Co., Ltd is one of the most prestigious companies in manufacturing and trading plastic packaging products in Vietnam. With more 7 years of establishment and development, Song Bang Plastic has a team of highly qualified engineers and many years of experience. The modern equipment and machine is imported 100% from Taiwan for high productivity and stable quality. The company has consistently affirmed its brand position in the market and its belief in customers. Currently the company's products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, along with nationwide distribution system. Therefore, to create a competitive edge in the market with clean, self-destructible and environmentally friendly packaging products, Song Bang Plastic has been bringing customers the highest satisfaction.

Now, our company would like to send this letter to you, wishing you more choice and we have more new customers.

The products of our company:

  • Plastic T- Shirt Bags
  • 9 Colors Printing Plastic Bags
  • Bag on Roll
  • Block Header Bag
  • Wave Top Bag
  • Garbage Bags
  • Soft Loop Handle Bags
  • Zipper Bags
  • Die Cut Plastic Bags
  • OPP Bags
  • Multi Layers Plastic Bags
  • Pe Rolls
  • Plastic Resins
  • Plastic Making Machine

With time and flexible payment methods, fast response. Particularly competitive prices in the market.

If you need cooperation or want more information about the product, please contact our company via Website: or contact directly.

Look forward to cooperation and service.


* For more information, please contact:

Tel:  (+8428) 37 604 604 - (+8428)37 603 603

Hotline:  (0084) 908 547 787 - (0084) 909 583 908 (Giám đốc)

Fax: (+8428) 37565091

Taxcode: 0311002458


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