Multi Layers Plastic Bags

Material: Virgin HDPE/LDPE - Supply Ability: 5000 Ton per month
CODE: A002
CATEGORYS: Multi layers plastic bags
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The 9 layers high barrier packaging is much more resistant to gas than conventional laminated polyethylene.

The 9 layers of high barrier are more resistant to O2TR and WVTR than the composite film, thanks to many layers of air permeability such as PA, EVOH, PET, PVDC, etc.

9 layers high barrier packaging highly compatible with many different preservation requirements of potential customers. Therefore, the quality meets the quality requirements of customers with the price is calculated to the quality that it brings.

Finally, it helps reduce the cost of preserving the food of the customer. Due to the ultra-high viscosity of the 9-layer plastic packaging, the food is fresh longer without having to put too much preservative on fish or meat. In addition, the environment of product preservation, such as freezer and freezer, also significantly reduces the electricity consumption by using only suitable cold temperatures for each type of product, which is sufficiently fresh raw materials with extended shelf life. double or triple the previous.




Quick Details: 


Product type

Industrial plastic bags



Product's name  

Multi Layers Plastic Bags





Printing technology    

Gravure printing


D2W, EPI, oxo-biodegradable      


Custom-built, 8 colors maximum



Ink cover

Custom-built (Can print 100% of bag surface)



Sealing & handle

Heat seal and hand length handle


Packaging & Delivery 

- Domestic MOQ: 300 kg, Exported MOQ: 10 ton

- Delivery Time: Within 5-15 days after the sample is approved.

- Packaging DetailsAs customer requirement

- Payment term: T/T or L/C at sight, irrevocable


Function & Feature

1. Pros: strict quality control according to SGS, ISO 9001-2008, Quacer

2. Competitive price - top quality - best service

3. Colors, eye-catching designs, very durable, flexible and convenient.

4. Gas resistance is many times higher than multi-layer laminated with traditional glue.

5. Increase the shelf life of processed products thanks to the high oxygen-blocking membrane structure.

6. Modern, create eye-catching 3D effects



- Multi Layers Plastic Bags for packing line - Automatic vacuum.

- Multi Layers Plastic Bags for soft and liquid food processing.



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